We are committed to helping one another grow in spirit and truth. Our mission statement calls us to carefully “reflect on our Christian faith” while acting in the world for compassion and justice. We become disciples through learning, conversation, action and reflection. That means we must regularly discern which time-tested and new experiences will help us deepen and refresh our faith for the 21st century.

  • One of the unique – and truly important – realities of our Christian Formation ministries has to do with their inter-generational nature. We live in a highly segregated society: in any given day, young people rarely have the chance to speak tenderly with an adult – and the converse is true for many older folk, too. We know that church can bring people of all ages together like nothing else and we cherish and treat this blessing with reverence.
  • We also host a variety of gatherings throughout the year that promote learning through experience and service. Sometimes that means a mission trip to New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity – other times we work with Church World Service to provide emergency supplies for those wounded by natural disaster or participating in a Heifer International project. Our Christian Education mission is grounded in helping us cultivate a heart for God.  Our CE staff includes: Mark Lincourt – elementary class; Janet Andrews – middle school class; Crystal Bleau – childcare.


On any given Sunday morning here is what you will find: The whole community gathers in the Sanctuary for the start of worship at 10:30 am.  Often children who come earlier ring the bell to alert the church that worship is about to begin.  Our children participate in the start of worship every week – which includes a children’s message with the pastor – before leaving for Sunday School.

  • On the first Sunday of every month, however, the children return to worship for Holy Communion.  We believe that everyone learns best by participating in the full life of worship activities – and Communion is the key.
  • There is always childcare, too, provided by Crystal Bleau who has been a loving caregiver for little ones for over five years.
  • Our Sunday School materials follow the lessons used in worship each week (the Lectionary) and are a part of the shared ministry of many traditions.  The “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum is designed to help children learn key Bible stories as well as a spirit of compassion.  For more information about our materials, please go to:

Our mission to children is clear:  we have been entrusted by God to cultivate the faith of our little ones.  It is through the rituals, sights and sounds of our tradition that all small children experience a sense of God’s love. This is the faith of our senses – what we see and hear and taste and touch and even smell – and there is no need to explain to our children what all of this means.  We simply need to help them feel a part of the experience.

NOTE: All of our adults who work with our children have participated in a “Safe Church” training program. If you would like to read our commitment to your child’s safety at First Church, please review our Safe Church Policy (link…)