91c086c8-564b-4c8b-8628-4c658ead72beSUNDAY WORSHIP starts at 10:30 am every Sunday.

• On Sundays, our children begin worship in the Sanctuary with the adults and then go to Sunday School after a time for children.

What to expect in worship at First Church…
Worship is both the front door for guests as well as a time for the faith community to express our hopes and fears to God. In worship we open ourselves to God’s grace in our lives and in the world – so we take worship VERY seriously. It must be satisfying, deep, fun, renewing, honest, bold and true.

Our worship style combines the time-tested beauty of tradition with the sights and sounds of this generation. We are innovative and believe that blended worship best creates space for all of God’s family to honor the Lord. We are clear that children and adults both need time together in worship – as well as time apart – and offer both on most Sunday mornings.

Sometimes we push our comfort zones so that we might listen to the Spirit of the Lord who “blowsf2f962f3-a9a5-4685-898b-d61a24bb937a wherever she wills!” At other times, we will use the ancient sounds and words of the church that have brought comfort and joy to so many over countless generations. We don’t make false distinctions between secular and sacred, but trust that whatever is good, true and beautiful awaken us to God’s love.

Most Sunday at least two different ensembles will help drive our music: the Sanctuary Choir and Between the Banks. The choir celebrates the sounds of tradition and the best of contemporary choral music, too. Between the Banks brings the music of jazz, rock, folk and country into the worship experience. Each week worship is the place where we praise the Lord, reconnect with God’s gracious spirit and renew out commitment to Christ in community.

Here are some answers to other questions people often ask us:

• What should I wear? Wear whatever you want. No dress code. Casual, suit and tie, skirt and jeans works great.

• What kind of people are there? One of the great things about First Church is that we are a growing, diverse faith community of different ages, backgrounds, economic levels, education and more. Our working understanding of church comes from our the United Church of Christ: “Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” There truly isn’t just one kind of First Church person because we want to welcome everyone.

• I am coming by myself, is that unusual? Not at all. Lots of people come to worship alone but once at the church, they have a chance to stay and meet others.

• I have kids. Are they welcome? You bet! We offer a loving children’s ministry every week under the guidance of our Sunday School Superintendent, Mark Lincout.. On the first Sunday of every month – Community Sunday – we celebrate Holy Communion and children and their families are encouraged to stay in worship and join the feast! There is also childcare for little ones with Crystal Bleau.

• Do you offer the sacrament of communion? Yes, on the first Sunday of each month – and sometimes more often – and everyone is welcome.

• What happens after worship? We serve refreshments in the parlor – coffee, tea and lots of goodies – and sometimes there are activities, too, like discussion groups or Children’s Choir practice.

• What about people with special needs? We try our best to make the building accessible, offer large print bulletins and Bibles as well as hearing tools. Our ushers are prepared to help you in other ways, so just ask us, ok? (We gave up trying to read minds ages ago.)


If you find that you would like us to hold you or your loved ones in prayer – for whatever reason – please be in touch by email (firstchurchma@verzion.net). Your prayers will be held in quiet confidence and lifted up to the Lord on a regular basis. Please feel free to update your prayer requests, too.